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Athlete Sponsorship

We offer individual sponsorship packages for athletes to help them access supporting services and specialist coaching.


To be eligible for this sponsorship you must be a member of one of our affiliated climbing teams.

Application Process

To apply for individual sponsorship you must submit a set of goals to a NAC coach by the end of the application period. These will be discussed and if necessary broken down into achievable components leading up to the next sponsorship period. Goals will be assigned a numerical value difficulty, value to athlete, and value to the team. A moderation process will take place across all applications to make the process as equitable as possible. Sponsorship will be assigned based on the value of goals achieved by the start of the next cycle. The application process will commence again at the start of the sponsorship cycle.


The sponsorship package consists of the following parts:

  • Personal goal oriented training plan provided by NAC or affiliated Team Coach.

  • 1x 1:1 coaching session per month provided by NAC or affiliated Team Coach.

  • Monthly 30 minute physiotherapy consultation  provided by The White House Clinic.

  • Nutrition services: to be decided.

  • Psychological services: to be decided.


Athletes may be excluded from this sponsorship package if they violate any code of conduct applied by NAC or their climbing team.

More information

If you want to find about the next application / sponsorship period, start the application process or just need more information please contact Nick.

Sponsorship is funded by Secur-it

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