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 Training Plans

We have experience working with athletes of all levels from international competitors & advanced outdoor climbers, to relative newcomers wanting to break through their first plateaus.

Our Remote Coaching Plans give you a high degree of coach interaction and support, whereas our fixed length Training Plans are our best option for a budget.

Training Plan Builder

From £80pm

What is the training plan builder

This is a way of getting a budget friendly training plan by choosing the the componants that suit you. You will give us some information about your training history and preferences which we will use to assign you 12 week programs.

What its not

You will be able to contact your coach through our messanger but this is not a highly individualised and coached plan. For that you need to check out our Coaching Plans.

Available Programs

You can choose from any or all of these catagories:

  • Finger Lifts / Fingerboard (beginner to advanced)

  • Strength & Conditioning (1-4 days per week)

  • Mobility Progressions

All programs are 12 weeks notr including assessment and re assessment weeks if they have them.

Starting your plan

You start your plan with a Questionnaire, Strain Gauge (Half Price with Plan) or Remote Assessment, and a online or in person interview to establish your goals, timeframes, and current capabilities.

What you receive

You will receive a training plan personalised to your goals, capabilities, and schedule. The plan includes climbing training, and Strength and Conditioning. The plan is delivered via the Teambuildr app which holds exercise descriptions, videos, and PR tracking.

Coach Interaction

What really makes this plan work is the ongoing dialogue with your coach. Teambuildr features a built in messenger, and we are committed to a 48hr response time (although it is usually much quicker). There is also a journal feature allowing you to comment on your training and upload videos for your coach to review. We are on had to adjust your training around impromptu trips, changes in schedule, or your feedback about what is working well for you.


We ask for a minimum of a 3 month commitment as there is a lot of initial set up for this plan.

  • Remote Coaching Plan: £80 per month

  • Remote Coaching Plus (Includes monthly 90min 1:1 coaching): £120​​

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