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How strong Are you?

The Climbing Hangar
17th September

What are we doing?

On the 17th September we will be setting up the fingerboard and testing all comers.  We will be testing your finger strength by measuring how hard you can pull down on a 20mm edge.

How will the results be presented or used?

During the testing day the results will be presented in the following ways:

  • A leader board of the strongest people both relative to weight and in absolute terms.

  • Average strength for each Hangar colour circuit and Kilter board grade. Male, Female, and All; as well as body-weight relative and absolute.

If you choose to enter outdoor sport climbing or bouldering grades we may keep your results for use in out global data set.

Who can do the test?

Anyone can do the test as long as they sign the waiver.

Are there any risks?

All maximum strength exercises and testing have some element of risk. Make sure you warm up fully and do not have any ongoing injuries that might be exacerbated by testing.

Body weight measurement or not?

Measuring and entering your body weight is totally optional. Under-18s will not have body weight measured.



BMC Participation Statement

     "The BMC recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions."


Acknowledgment of Risk

Climbing is a physical and demanding sport, which has inherent hazards associated with it. New Age Climbing Ltd (and/or associated and/or subsidiary companies) takes all necessary precautions to try and ensure the safety of all participants. Accidents can happen without any contributory negligence from the company or its staff. New Age Climbing Ltd (and/or associated and/or subsidiary companies) can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property or for personal injury not arising as a result of its own act or default. Each participant should familiarise themselves with the hazards and try to minimise them as much as possible by complying with the risk management guidelines of New Age Climbing Ltd (and/or associated and/or subsidiary companies'). It is understood that individuals participate at their own risk. Individuals will be asked to provide explicit consent that they or anyone under their care can participate in the activities. At any stage participants can ask to see our Risk Assessment, ask a coach about the risks of the activity or email for more information.

Strain Gauge Testing involves maximum force on a 20mm edge. Participant must ensure that they are  adequately  warmed up and have no preexisting injury or medical  conditions  that would increase injury risk.


Photo and Video Consent

Photos and videos may be taken and used for purposes such as social media, online resources and promotion. You may request that photos or videos are not taken and that they are removed from public.


Privacy Policy & Data Protection

Strain Gauge Assessments require personal data including physical testing results, height, weight, age, gender and others.

Any training information, personal details, assessment results, or any other data that is submitted to New Age Climbing Ltd will be stored if it is relevant to your personal assessment or training plan, or our data analysis process.

Personal details will never be shared with anyone outside New Age Climbing Ltd. During testing days top 20 results may be posted publicly.

Training data including some personal details such as age, height, bodyweight will be used in our meta-analysis of climbers performance metrics. 

Participants in any of our services may contact New Age Climbing Ltd and request to see any data we hold relating to them, and may ask for it to be removed from our records.

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