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Fingerboard: Multi Grip Repeaters x6R

Session Length: 15-20 minutes

Facility: Fingerboard

This fingerboard protocol can be used to increase strength across multiple grip positions under moderate load. Be disciplined and make sure every grip position is perfect so that you are building a strong foundation.


  1. Choose 1-3 different grip positions that you want to work on. Usually a primary position such as Half Crimp that you can load heavily and then component positions such as Front 3 Half Crimp. Keep these consistent from session to session throughout a training block.

  2. Find an appropriate weight (added to bodyweight) for the strongest grip position. A good starting point is to be able to hang for 10-12 seconds, you can adjust for your next session if needed.

  3. The weaker grip positions you will keep the same weight attached but put your feet on the ground or a raised surface to take some of the weight. you can just judge the intensity as you perform the exercise.

Be conservative with the loading when you are using untrained grip positions. If you can not hang bodyweight in your strongest position then do not add any weight and perform all hangs with your feet on the floor.


  • Hang for 7 seconds, rest for 3 seconds.

  • Change position & repeat for 6 reps (total all positions), cycle through positions.

  • Rest for 3 minutes.

  • Complete 4-6 sets.

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