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Project Boulder

Session Length: 1hr 15minutes Facility: Bouldering Wall

The Setup

Choose 4 boulder problems that you have not completed before. They should be hard but not so hard that you can not link 2-3 moves together. ​The Training Spend 15 minutes working each boulder problem with 5-10 minutes rest in between problems. The rest between problems is dependant on how recovered you feel and your time constraints. You do not need to time your rests between attempts, just climb at the pace you feel is natural and gives you good quality. Try sections or just moves at a time if necessary. Ideally you will complete 2 of the 4 problems in the session, swap out the completed ones next time. If you finish one problem very quickly then go onto another for the remaining time. ​Tips & Adjustments Practice visualising the problems before you climb to eliminate any mistakes. Treat this as you would an outdoor bouldering session and build those good habits into your training.