Sport 4x4s

Session Length: 2hr Facility: Lead Wall

You will climb 4 sets of 4 routes, using the time that your partner climbs as rest between your sets. You want to get a bit pumped and then control it for the rest of the set. Try going for your onsight grade or just below as your first route and then dropping down 4-6 grades for the subsequent routes. How close you work to your onsight grade depends on your fitness, if you are very pumped after your first route then make the next one easier until you are under control again. Having to shake out 2-3 times per route is normally about right. ​ Lead 1 hard and 3 easy routes with minimum rest in between each one, get back on the wall and shake out as your partner pulls the rope and puts you back on belay. Belay your partner and repeat, you will complete 4 sets in total.

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