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strain gauge assessment


We test maximum finger strength, vertical pulling strength, and isometric deadlift strength. Results can be compared to out data set for grade information.

Junior Athletes

​Junior athletes can complete all parts of this assessment however we do not take bodyweight for under 16s so as to not contribute negatively to mental health or encourage eating disorders. Therefor there is no grade correlated data provided.


We test your Rate of Force Development in your fingers. This gives us an idea of your contact strength and explosiveness.


This assessment contains maximum force and maximum effort testing. It is up to you to ensure you are in appropriate physical shape prior to the assessment. It is important to be injury free, well rested, and warmed up prior to the assessment. During the assessment you should make sure you are comfortable with each test being performed and opt out of any that you do not wish to participate in.

Energy Systems

Max force repeaters tests your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems.

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