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New age climbing Team

"I am because of who we all are"

The New Age Climbing Team is a group of athletes, coaches, and supporting specialists working together to bring out the best in ourselves and our team members. Our team practice takes place across multiple climbing centres to give our athletes the most well-rounded experience possible. We take pride in our holistic approach to training, encompassing sports psychology, nutrition, injury prevention, physical training, and technical proficiency. We have successfully taken climbers from their first year climbing to World Championships, and will continue to do so into the future.

Our team is split into three branches to fit athlete goals and requirements, each branch has its own team practice times. Our team coaching is a combination of training plans and coach supported team practice. 

Competition Team: For athletes regularly competing Nationally and Internationally.

Performance Team: For athletes wanting to climb well inside or outside without a competition focus.

Development Team: The mini monsters! A younger team focused on building the foundations before moving into the other teams.

Team places available in development and performance sessions

Competition Team

A track record of coaching athletes towards International competitions in both senior and youth categories.

All athletes climbing at a national competition level.

Training is periodised around the competition schedule


Development Team

A space for those mini monsters whose first steps were upwards.

A focus on the fundamental skills that will let them take their climbing wherever they want.

An open and fun environment, enabling them to build confidence and enjoy climbing with their friends.

A long-term approach to climbing, allowing each individual to develop at their own rate.


Open Training 

For ages 14+ we offer open training & consultancy services where athletes can complete their training plan with their coach available to offer help and guidance.


Competition Team

Saturday 10:00-17:00

Monday 16:30-20:00

Wednesday 16:30-20:00

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Strength & Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning programme is overseen by Kieran Burke of Gwalia Performance. He plans and monitors our training remotely as well as running group sessions at Sheffield Hallam.

Strength and conditioning training is included in all of our team packages, and integrated into our team practice.



We consult with a nutritionist to provide the best advice for our athletes when they are training, competing, and climbing outside.

We also run workshops to educate the athletes about their nutritional needs.


Competition Support

We provide coach support at all National Lead and Bouldering Competitions, 4 Nations Lead and Bouldering (not Ireland), and Youth Climbing Series.

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Performance Team

We have the knowledge, experience and ability to inspire and support our athletes to achieve their dreams.

Indoor and outdoor coaching for climbing performance.

Encouraging athlete knowledge, growth, and independence.

A collaborative approach to training between coaches and athletes.



Competition Team (ages 13 and below)

Saturday 11:00-15:00

Monday 17:00-19:30

Wednesday 17:00-19:30

Performance Team

Sunday 13:00-17:00

Tuesday 17:15-19:45

Thursday 18:00-20:30

Development Team

Sunday 10:15-12:45

Tuesday 17:30-20:00

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Mobility Training

Our resident mobility guru Dan Kyte produces mobility assessments and plans for all of our athletes. He has a systematic and climbing focused approach, working on strength through extreme ranges.


Psyche Support

Our goal is to give and normalise access to psyche support from an earlier age to make it an integral part of athlete training. We use this as another lever to performance, and as something we can apply to achieve better results for our athletes. We deliver psyche support in the form of group workshops & teambuilding, and individual consultations

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We have direct contact with a physiotherapist specialising in climbing injuries who we use to consult on our training practices, and provide rapid support for athletes when needed.

We can scan athletes fingers to understand their development and when it is appropriate to implement more dynamic training.

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