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Strain Gauge Assessment

Our Strain Gauge Assessment will test your finger strength (peak force) and recruitment speed (rate of force development), along side your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems.

You will receive a full report detailing your physical profile  as well as how you compare to other climbers of your grade.



Remote Physical Assessment

If you can't make it to Sheffield for a Strain Gauge Assessment, we can use some common exercises and equipment to assess you remotely.

This assessment is free when you start any Coaching or Training Plan with us.


Technical Assessment

If you want some help breaking through plateaus you can book a coaching session focusing on assessing your technical ability. By the end of the session we will have established a few key areas of improvement and you will go away some actionable advice in how to address them.

More advanced climbers may take multiple sessions for us to assess and isolate specific technical improvements.

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