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New age climbing TEAM

introductory programmes

These programs give climbers a taste of of our coaching, and helps us select for our regular team training sessions.

HOLIDAY Coaching 

More time slots may become available. 

Over the summer holidays we will offer a series of coaching sessions aimed at progressing climbers towards their performance and competitive goals. These are not sessions for complete beginners, but for those who have a good foundation and want to improve. These sessions are booked and paid for individually so you do not need to commit all at once.

  • 2.5hr sessions.

  • High level technical coaching including individual video analysis.

  • Nutrition for training and recovery.

  • Introduction of training for climbing.

  • Introduce Strength and Conditioning.

  • Introduce Mobility Training.

  • Based at The Foundry

Sessions with less than 4 participants may be cancelled.


The Youth Climbing Series is the best place to start for those wanting to start competition climbing. It is a series of regional competitions with a national final with events in both lead or toprope, and bouldering. We offer free coach support at these events for any climber who attends our YCS training course.

Dates to be confirmed.

This program is to guide climbers through the YCS season giving them all the skills they need to enjoy the events, and perform to the best of their ability. The 13 session course takes climbers through all 4 of the regional rounds and into the national final. Sessions will include:

  • Competition tactics for boulder and lead / toprope.

  • Specific technique and movement for competition.

  • Comp day and training nutrition advice.

  • Sports psychology for competing.

  • Coach support on competition days.

  • Training across walls in Sheffield

If climbers do not make the national final the weeks after the final regional round will be spent reviewing and building on lessons from those competitions.

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